Sunday, May 1, 2011

Iron Ass Perm

So we have a gorgeous Iron ass shot from Invincible Iron Man #250


And this I just find hilarious, from IIM #254
I don't know what about this is more horrifying... Tony's in-progress-perm or his gorgeous hair stylists outfit. What the hell is she wearing? This issue is from March of 1990... okay, even for 1990... that outfit sucks.

So-- you want to tell me what's buggin' you, Tony?
Why yes, darlin', your outfit has made me regret trusting you with my hair, however, your breasts are gorgeous- carry on.


I'm on like diet coke number 5, a hunk of ice cream, lots of salt, cheese, and a brownie... so I am all sorts of blood sugar imbalanced right now... and this is what ends up coming out for my post.

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