Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ooops... and Tony


Well, I am in fact still here and as Iron Man crazy as ever... however, I made the fatal mistake of taking three eight week summer classes and thinking I was so cool that I could not do anything for the first four weeks. Reality has struck and now I am swamped with work of my own jackassary.

So, lack of posts is because of this. I will keep posting (as much as I can) and in four weeks, posting will resume it's usual compulsive schedule.

Meanwhile... I did this "painting" of Tony. The artwork is not mine but from a scan that I'll be posting soon and I just did some photoshop work on it to make it look like a painting, hope you like.

If you're not reading it, Iron Man: Iron Age is out now and it's awesome. Also, hope you're following Fear Itself!

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