Sunday, January 30, 2011

Invincible Iron Man #313 Quotes & Scans


Here are some quotes from the issue and scans, both are here because of me, so don't steal them/re-post them without credit to me and a link to this blog. Thanks and enjoy. Oh and the icon set is here.

Tony Stark: "Hi, my name is Tony... and I'm an alcoholic."

Maria: Howard, don't...
Howard: Be quiet, woman! You want him to stay a sissy little boy forever? He's got to learn, if he's going to make anything of himself. To be tough. Strong. To be a man. Son, this is fine single-malt bourbon. Drink up. It'll put hair on your chest.
Young Tony: Yes, sir.
Howard: Not like that boy! Don't sip it, throw it back! Now that's my boy.

Tony Stark: It was New Years... some years ago tonight... and as happened more and more frequently over the years, my father had been drinking... I'd never tasted liquor before. It was horrible but I knew... not to swallow would be a disgrace to my father. I'd have drunk down the whole bottle if it'd win me more of his approval... so precious for its scarcity and then... I happened to look into my mothers eyes and saw not pride but sadness. She'd seen what had become of my father over the years... and now feared for me.... I want to make it clear: my father wasn't a bad man. Stern. Yes. Hard, perhaps. But he was an honorable man, in many ways a great one.

Rest of the scans (note this is one of the few, if not the only, portrayal of Maria Stark with brown hair instead of blonde), as always, click to view the images at full size.





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