Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Invincible Iron Man #306 Quotes & Tidbits

Here are quotes & scans from Invincible Iron Man #306 July. I have put these up here myself so please don't re-post them without linking the blog, thanks. Don't take my scans either unless you link and credit me.

Bethany Cabe: "And the only thing I ordered him to do while I had the fun out was put on his pants."

Tony Stark (to P. Grant): "Don't even try to dicker with me. Not if you want to be out of prison before you fossilize."

Tony Stark (thinking): ...there are fights that can't be fought from within a suit if armor. Some battles can only be won by the man inside. Saving the world is easy. Changing it for the better... that takes hard work.

Captain America (thinking): "Tony, you never fail to surprise me. Given out recent conversation, I can't help wondering what else you've got up your sleeve..."

Tony Stark (thinking): "A clean slate. A new era. I've beaten death. Come back from paralysis. Reclaimed honor from disgrace. I'm purged. Renewed. Time to push the envelope, exceed the past --- and see what I can really achieve. Whatever comes next --- I'm ready for it."

Rest of the scans- I have scanned Tony's speech for your reading pleasure instead of re-typing the entire thing. Click on the images to view them at full size.





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