Thursday, April 28, 2011

Iron Man's Soda Legacy

Here is a snip from West Coast Avengers Annual #7.
This proves that Tony is super human. He is now the second person I have seen drink a Diet Mountain Dew... true, he's even cool enough to be drinking it from the can with a straw though I must believe he's doing so because trying to pour it into the mouth slit of his mask would be awkward and hilarious looking.

A close-up of the disgusting diet beverage in question. You can see the "T" at the top.

His finger is on that straw, while we will never know if he did cram some pepperoni Dominos pizza into the slit of his mask, we do know he drank or drinks Diet Mountain Dew... if only this was his usual Dr. Pepper, poor Tony.


BLAAAARRRRGGGG the pained look in his eyes is because he's drinking Diet Mountain Dew!

... I write this with great sarcasm, after several Diet Pepsi's, and a large Coldstone icecream in the chocolate dipped waffle bowl.

But not sugar'ed enough to forget to add--- don't repost these pics without credit to my blog. Thanks.

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