Monday, December 13, 2010

Extremis :: Motion Comic Ep1 Screenshots

Here are some screenshots I took of Extremis motion comic's first episode. You can buy or rent it from iTunes and it's also on DVD. I bought the whole season for 15.00 (i think) or it might have been 17.00 but to me, worth it. It's fantastic. Having read Extremis and own it, I wasn't surprised when they choose (of all the Iron Man stories) that one. It's done very well, voice actors are great. Witty, adult, awesome.

My only complaint is the same I had while reading Extremis initially, I want my Stark's to be blue eyed please, not brown. Though I understand this was in light of the Downyfacation of Iron Man but still *sniffles* beautiful blue eyes!

And, as always, click the image to view it at full size.

My favorite snapshot from the first episode, gosh he looks fantastic here.

Tony around 19 years old.

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