Monday, December 6, 2010

Tony's Inventions 2010 List

Well, I saw this in one of my books and thought that I would write it down and post it here for everyone. This is a list of Tony's inventions as of 2010, of course it's not everything since I already noticed a few things missing but it's pretty good, some of the important stuff.

Other then Iron Man Tony has invented:

+ S.H.E.I.L.D Helicarrier

+ Mandroids

+ Hawkeye’s Arrows (some of them)

+ Captain American’s Shield (Replacement of,)

+ The Quinjet (Redesigned)

+ Particle beam torpedo

+ Evader personal protection unit

+ “Friday”, virtual personal assistant

+ HOMER computer system

+ “The Works” (state of the art “smart” building)

+ Guardsmen armor

+ Plato artificial intelligence

+ Various flying automobiles

+ Sentinel landmine

+ Uranus II rocket

+ Jupiter landing vehicle

+ Anti-missal Missal Gun

+ SK-1 stealth jet

+ Experimental sea tank

+ Pegasus and Chimera Hex Ships

+ SHIELD satellite

+ Life Model Decoys

+ Armor negator packs

+ Transistorized blast gun

+ Iron Spider armor

+ Holo-Communicator

+ Encephalo-circuitry

+ Transistor-powdered roller skates

+ Warwagon tank

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