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Iron Man Comic Quotes & Tidbits

Iron Man: The Shattered Sun

+ Rhodey listens to Whitney Houston
+ Rhodey watches MTV

“Never thought it’d end like this ‘course, I never thought about it endin’ at all. I guess that’s why folks call death “the big surprise”.” –Rhodey

* Tony is driving a black Jaguar

Iron Man: Requiescat… and Revenge!

+ Rhodey’s blood type is AB positive
* Tony’s driving a 300x red convertible

“Never thought I’d be seeing this place again. If it wasn’t for a quirk in international law, I’d have lost it with my other property when I was pickling my brains in alcohol.” –Tony

* Tony visits Mi Casa, his private island villa in the Bahamas. Tony uses it as a “holiday retreat”.

Iron Man: Metamorphosis Oddity

Marcy Pearson: Mr. Stark, you know nothing about me!
Tony: I know you’re intelligent, you ask the right questions—and you’ve got the most incredible brown eyes I’ve seen today. Lunch? Half-an-hour?”

“Ladies and gentlemen of the press – welcome! Today we begin a great adventure. One which I fervently hope will profit us both, as well as the very planet we live upon! For as of today, there’s a new force to be reckoned with in the business arena. A young and hungry company determined to stretch the boundaries of science and technology for the express benefit of you, the consumer. So I invite you all to share that adventure with me, to join in the excitement and promise of the first official day in the life of – Stark Enterprises!” – Tony

* Tony is driving a red Porsche convertible

Marcy Pearson: I see you like to drive as fast as you work, Mr. Stark
Tony: Driving fast gets me where I want to go, Mrs. Pearson. Working fast gets me what I want.

“Besides I learned long ago that most things in life don’t [i]last[/i]. You’ve got to go for the [i]best[/i], always.” – Tony

“Thanks for the warning, “Justin”. Now I’ve got one for you: Try something like that again and the thorn in your side – might just turn out to be a whole mother-lovin’ tree!” –Tony

Iron Man: Deep Trouble!

* Tony has a big gold colored boat, “custom designed Stark Enterprises vessel”, “Bethany” is written on the side as the name

“I’ll never get over how magnificent the underwater world is. It’s as beautiful as outer space. And--- just as deadly! I’d better run a quick systems check.” –Tony

(When an elderly man who helped him passes away) “Sleep well, Mr. Hastings. In peace. And may the next world -- be a little less mad than this one.” –Tony

Iron Man: Ghost Story

Tony, thinking: With the workout I get as Iron Man, I don’t really need to jog. But I do enjoy it. Besides --- it’s a great time to listen to notes transcribed by my secretary!

+ Rhodey likes Zagnut candy bars

Iron Man: The Party

+ Rhodey is driving a white ’57 T-Bird convertible

Iron Man: Counter Force!

Rhodey: You really sure you want that, Chief? I mean – you already got four Rolexes!
Tony: Every man has to have a hobby.

* Tony is driving a black Mercedes, license plate says “STARK”

Blacklash: Uh-oh!
Blizzard: Geez! How many cops they got here? Ain’t no one out chasin’ the bad guys?
Backlash: We are the bad guys, stupid!

Tony (thinking): My Iron Man armor’s in the trunk of the Mercedes – out in the parking lot! And without it I’ve got as much chance of stopping those assassins as Satan has of being elected pope!

Blizzard (to Tony Stark): Back off old man! ‘less you want me to turn your eyeballs into ice cubes!

Iron Man: Stark Wars!

* Tony owns a seafood restaurant in Nome, Alaska. He says they serve "the best Alaskan king crab" there.

*Tony & Rhodey are driving a white '57 Rag-top

Rhodey: I know you're smart chief -- you've got more diplomas than most folks have socks! So why're you doin' somethin' dumb like this!

Iron Man: Stark Wars Chapter 2 : Glitch

"C'mon get serious! Bullets from your wrist blaster can't hurt me!" - Iron Man

Iron Man(thinking): My whole reason for being here is to save lives! I can't be responsible for the loss of one, even if it means failure!

Tony (thinking): Sure would've liked to have stopped by my house on the coast. Copped a shower... some rest... maybe a few holes of golf.

"Be over soon as I "lava" the grease off my hands!" -Rhodey

Iron Man: Stark Wars Chapter 3: The Last Mandroid

Auctioneer: B-but, your shenanigans broke the Manchu Vanz donated by Anthony Stark! I-it was pricess!
Iron Man (thinking): And ugly --- that's why I donated it! Ah, well I'll send a check tomorrow.

"I've been trying to make myself feel better by telling myself that it's necessary that no one will get hurt. I just wish I could believe it." - Tony

* Tony owns a home in upstate New York, it has a large bunker system built to withstand a nuclear attack.

Iron Man: Stark Wars Chapter 4 : Who Guards the Guardsmen?

Rhodey: You're kiddin'!
Tony: Nope. Took me three weeks to get rid of the blueberry stain. Had to tell the guys at the gym it was a tattoo.
Rhodey: Y'mean all the time I was downstairs in the casino rollin' the bones, you were --- Chief? You okay?
Tony: Excuse me a minute.

Iron Man: Stark Wars Chapter 5: Red Snow

Iron Man (thinking): Got to channel all my power to the boosters in my boot jets! Break free! Or I’m gonna look like a can of tomato paste run over by a steam roller!

Iron Man: Stark Wars Chapter 6: The Day The Hero Died

Tony: I’m just realizing the toll this game is taking – and how long I’m going to have to pay for it.
Rhodes: C’mon Chief, there’s still a lot to do. An’ crawlin’ back into a bottle isn’t gonna help anything.
Tony: I know. Even though I’ve never wanted a drink more --- I’ve never needed one less. Let’s go.

Rhodes (thinking): I don’t like it. Not a bit. The way Tony had this place fixed up like a hospital with heart monitors, whole blood, the works. He must be expectin’ to get hurt. Bad!

Iron Man (thinking): So, that’s Firepower. He’s big. And ugly. Can’t expect mercy from him. So I’m not going to show any!

Iron Man: Hurt. *K-kof* Inside! H-hard to… breathe! *Kaff Kaff* ribs… c-caved in! Tasting… blood!

Iron Man: Stark Wars Chapter 7: Reborn Again

“And come to think of it I’m not much better off! Three cracked ribs. A sprained arm, a knee that may never be the same. To say nothing of a face that looks like it went 40 rounds with Ali in his prime--- and several pints of someone else’s AIDS-Tested blood running through my veins!” –Tony

“I may be a dreamer but I’m also a realist.” –Tony

Iron Man #271

Rhodey (thinking): Some days it just don’t pay to be one of the good guys!

Iron Man #282

* LMD: Life Model Decoy

Iron Man: Big mistake threatening Tony Stark because then you're dealing with Iron Man. And when you screw with Iron Man --- you get burned!

Iron Man: Is this your first fair fight or something?

*Tony likes Dylan Thomas's, Do not go gentle into that good night

Iron Man #284

[In this issue Tony "dies" this is what the morning news has to say...]
Reporter: Thank you, Pete. In a brief statement released today Stark Enterprises press liaison Marcy Pearson confirmed the passing of C.E.O Anthony Stark. Stark widely acknowledged as one of the twentieth century's great technical innovators --- described as some as a, "Modern-day Thomas Edison"-- succumbed this morning to an as-yet unspecified malady. Known as much for his proximity to scandal and controversy as for his undeniable brilliance, Stark had not been seen in public for some weeks. Often compared to corporate mascot Iron Man, Stark had often been described by employees as "The man of Iron"--- in fact his detractors pointed out as evidence of his obsessive unbending demand for perfection, often at the expense of more humanitarian concerns. The fate of multinational Stark Enterprises--- not to mention Stark's substantial personal fortune --- has yet been announced. Rumors that Stark has tested positive for the HIV Virus, though widely circulated, are at this time not ---"
[And it stops there because Jim Rhodes punches a hole through his television]

Woman: It's an inferno in there! There's got to be a better way!
Rhodes: We could all end up as McNuggets waitin' around here trying to think of one.

Rhodes: I'm beginning to understand how Tony ended up with a drinking problem...

Iron Man #288

*Tony graduated from college Valedictorian with a double major in Physics and Engineering

Iron Man #289

Rhodes: You got a problem with that, you oughta have a talk with --- yo' Momma!

+Rhodes phone number is 555-6782
+Rhodes answering machine says: Yo. Leave a message after the stupid noise.

Tony (thinking): Enough already. Wallowing in self-pity isn't going to accomplish anything. And I've got things to do.

Tony (thinking): So, here I go again. Engaged in that alchemy that transforms imagination into tooled iron and printed silicon.

Tony (thinking): But then, what's life without a little danger to keep things interesting?

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