I found these little bits from one of my books and I thought, hey, I should put them up here because they're helpful for us Iron Man RP'ers. Now, this is based off of Iron Man movie #1 but, hell, can still apply it to other things.

Stark Mansion Notes:

+ Living room space is thrust out over the water, the garage is located beneath

+ $70-80 million dollar estate

+ Located at Point Dune, a protected peninsula north of Los Angeles, some of the most prime real estate in the world

+ Home is extremely futuristic, high-tech, and organic looking

+ His workshop is the "home" part of the home, it's full of knick-knacks, mementos, keepsakes, photos of his father, has a "dirty garage" feeling, lots of machines spread around

+ House has little personality, no knick knacks, mementos, just a place where he moves around and sleeps

+ Lights are installed via slits in the ceiling so they are always invisible

+ Living room has a huge circular skylight

+ Tony has a huge elaborate bathroom, his bedroom windows go translucent to opaque on their own