Tuesday, August 23, 2011

SHIELD, Howard Stark is Amazing

Now, it's something I never thought would happen... but Howard Stark is actually cool. Cool enough where he's popping up in more comics, I assumed this would happen with Captain America: The First Avenger movie but I was surprised at how much Howard actually appeared in the movie... but what's even better than his lighthearted movie-self is his kick ass time-traveling in the second SHIELD mini series. Howard is chilling with Nathaniel Richards and other historical characters which, while bizarre, this series manages to make into... well, comic book characters. I really don't follow the SHIELD story that much, I am buying it because Howard is in it.

I think it's fitting and very cool that Howard is being developed more as a character who is not only a plot tool for Tony (and also being presented as something other than a self-centered, cold, work-and-alchol-holic-butthole).

This scan is from the back pages of SHIELD issue 1, where they have these character profiles for everyone in the comic. Howard could not look cooler, it's not possible... so I have included a few different sizes of the same page scan. One, the full deal big enough that you can read the character information written on it, a close up of the two world-changers w/out the text, and a large close up of Howard only so you can see all the ass kicking details of his guns, contraptions, and other inventions slung around him like he's the best secret agent ever. I love how the piece on his forearm has a very light echo of Iron Man. I would love to see more connections drawn between the positive influences that Howard had on his son, these reflections of genius that we see in Howard here in the pages of SHIELD which also is seen in his son. I also like the character design for Howard in this over-all.

Instead of making a Howard only tag I will continue to use my "Howard and Maria Stark" even though this doesn't feature and has nothing to do with Maria. Also, using Fantastic Four tag... because Nathaniel is related enough to FF that I can't justify and don't want to make another tag just for him.

Click this to open up the full size, it's easier to read the character information.



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