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IIM 314 :: Scans & Quotes

Invincible Iron Man #314 Quotes & Scans

IIM #314MAR “Heroic Intervention”


Iron Man Holograph (Giving a tour): Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen--- and welcome to Stark Enterprises! Founded only a few short years ago, SE has grown to become the world’s largest privately-owned research and development firm. The Silicon Valley main complex, seen here, is equipped with an extraordinary range of state of the art facilities—and staffed by teams of dedicated personnel, each the finest their respective fields have to offer. Meanwhile, across the globe--- from the frigid environs of Antarctica’s Ice Station Eden—to the pacific-floor habitat Deepstark One--- dozens of other Stark Enterprises projects are pioneering the utmost boundaries of human knowledge. From the microscopic architecture of the silicon chip—to the endless reaches of the final frontier---Stark Enterprises is there. This concludes our Stark Enterprises virtual multimedia tour. We appreciate your interest in our facilities, and hope to do business with you in the future. Should you have any additional questions, Mr. Stark will be happy to answer them for you. Thank you, and Good Day.

Ms. Chen: I had thought Stark Enterprises a manufacturing concern.

Tony: A common misconception, Ms. Chen. In actuality, the only thing produced by SE itself is innovation. The patents for what we develop here are licensed out to subsidiaries like Cordco and Accutech for production and marketing.

+ Tony is about to open Stark Enterprises first plant in Russia.

Iron Man (thinking, as he goes to help Captain America): How you talked me into this crazy stunt Steve, I’ll never know --- let alone how I’ll live with myself if it goes sideways on us.

Dr. Sondheim: And to think, when I was in Med School, he was the textbook definition of “perfect physical specimen.”

Pym: That was the promise of the super soldier serum that made him what he was. Unfortunately, no-body thought to study the long-term effects of that serum… not over a fifty year interval, at least.

Iron Man: And now, Hank, he’s paying for five decades of enchanted performance with paralysis. He just had the sense to retire when the side effects became apparent, he could’ve avoided the worst of it.

Pym: Easier said than done. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve tried to retire from this business. Somehow it never seems to last. And I know at least one other person with that problem.

Iron Man: Hnn. I suppose that had something to do with my letting him talk me into this. That, and having been paralyzed myself. At least the armor I’ve designed for him, when interfaced with the biochip we’ll be implanting today, will at least give him back his mobility--- if not his common sense.

Iron Man (thinking): I have to say, evolution’s one heck of an architect. From this perspective you’d almost never guess how truly fragile the human body can be. Then again, it’s amazing it works at all, considering what an incredibly complex system it all is.

Iron Man: Tell me, Hank… how’re the Avengers paying you these days? Force Works could use you…

Pym: What, and give up the benefits of seniority? Nah.

Iron Man: Mph. How’s our patient?

Dr. Sondheim: Recuperating nicely.

Pym: He regained consciousness a little before you did. He wants to talk to you…

Steve: I didn’t think it’d bother me so much… I’ve always prided myself on not replying on… artificial improvements. Always tried to stay in peak shape through nothing more exotic than hard work. And now… I’ve lost that forever.

Tony: Steve, listen to me. I’ve wrestled with the same questions you’re asking yourself now, many times.

Steve: Tony, I didn’t mean---

Tony: I know you didn’t. My point is, a man’s worth isn’t measured by what he’s made of, by blood or bone. It’s what’s inside, what you believe, and how you act on those beliefs, that counts. And by that yard stick--- I doubt anything could diminish you.

Here are some scans from the issue. If you take them, re-post, use them please credit me with a link to my blog. Click the pics to view them full size.







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