Thursday, February 17, 2011

Iron Man Rapture 3 :: Page Scan/Icons/Wat

This is the page from Iron Man Rapture that made me stop and stare for a long while, then get online and poke my friend 'heworedecadence' who happened to say, before I could, have you seen the new issue of Rapture?

Oh my god... guts... wires... wire guts? Gut wires? Guts and wires? Wires in guts? I don't know but it's horrible!

I went back, looked at it more, and came to the conclusion that 1) Tony does not look like he is in enough pain for his guts being... pulled out like that and 2) after I scanned it, I can see it's indeed wire not human intestines. Still, he is bleeding... poor baby.

But in honor of how this seemed to disturb the two of us, here is said scan. Click to view it at full and even a couple icons. (If you take/use/re-post/anything credit me with a link to this blog.)

Also, Rapture is pretty cool. Pick it up and read it if you haven't been.



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